we Visualize
your Vision

Design & Creativity

Crystallize is a design agency in the broadest sense. We design basically everything, from products to publications, to create the optimal brand identity.

In the design process Crystallize focuses on all visual aspects of the brand identity. And that is not limited to making a nice logo. In concrete terms, we use our creativity to represent the brand message as clearly and effectively as possible, in an elegant and attractive manner. in short: we visualize your vision.

With the tools and skills that we have at our disposal we can help you to make your sales process less complicated.

Visual & Physical Engagement in all dimensions

We work in all dimensions.

From 2D graphic work (corporate identity, brochures, magazines, illustrations and websites)

via 3D spatial objects and furnishings (such as showrooms, exhibition stands, furniture and PR gadgets) to 4D productions, in which we use time as a tool to deploy your message at the right moment. Like regularly planned social media publications, video productions and animations.

Branding ❤ Identity

With an optimal brand identity we create a clear, strong message to the outside world. This. Is. Who. We. Are. Crystal-clear communication will support your marketing and sales team like nothing else.

Illustration Explained

At Crystallize, we master both the artistry and technical knowledge that comes together in the best design possible. Originally trained in industrial product design and architecture, we have a deep understanding of highly technical and innovative processes. Combined with our passion to visually tell stories, our illustrations of technical processes, ecological waste cycles educational posters speak for themselves.

Every relationship starts with communication

We strongly believe in the power of communication. And meeting face to face provides the best connection possible. Trade fairs are probably the most commercially interesting way to meet your potential clients and get in touch with existing ones. Hosting your brand in a ‘run of the mill’ booth can be challenging. And sometimes custom made solutions are the way to go. But with the right eye-catchers and stopping power, you’ll exceed every marketing target imaginable.

Seeing is Believing

Not quite sure your idea will look awesome? We love to visualize your visions and build your thoughts into a virtually real image or video.